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The AIRBORNE STATIC LINE MAGAZINE was a publication for, by and about Paratroopers, Glider troopers, Air Assault Troopers and those with Airborne Hearts. This publication was dedicated to the perpetuation of the Airborne Ideals of brotherhood, fellowship and camaraderie established in the warfare, strife and duress of combat.

The Airborne Ideals are synonymous with the ideals and objectives of the Founding Fathers of our country in 1776. The AIRBORNE STATIC LINE MAGAZINE was indeed a publication for ALL the Airborne, from 1940 to date and has been serving everyone Airborne since 1974!

We are sorry to report that despite the staff's best efforts, the Magazine is no longer in business having ceased operation in April of 2012.

In an early effort to try to save the Magazine, we created this website to try to reach out the long term membership of the magazine so as to stay in touch for future static line website initiatives.

To our friends both new and for many years past we are working to establish a new Static Line presence separate and different from the Magazine since its closing.  Whether you were a Magazine subscriber or want to become a pert of this new online presence you are already a member or want to become one, please sign up so we can reach you via email and or telephone. Just click "Join" on the above menu above.

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By Dean Thomas

A Night Jump! It’s 1958 and my Airborne Infantry Company at Ft. Bragg, NC, received notice that we would be making a non-tactical night jump. I was a 20 year old Specialist 4th Class (E-4) Fire Team Leader in the 1st Platoon of Easy Company, 1st Airborne Battle Group, 505th

Infantry, 82nd Airborne Division. (Today, as in WWII, the 505th is designated as a Parachute Infantry Regiment)

.A Night Jump! In the 1950’s, unlike today, night jumps in the 82nd Airborne were not common. I had been on jump status since late 1956, and this would be, along with most of my fellow paratroopers, my first night jump.

A Night Jump! My fellow jumpers and I were excited. We were a bunch of young gung- ho paratroopers looking forward to our first night jump. The morale and esprit de corps of the Airborne in the 1950’s were very high. In the 82nd Airborne, many of our senior NCOs wore one or more small gold stars on their jump wings, each gold star indicating a combat jump in WWII. (The 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division made four combat jumps in WWII: Sicily, Italy, Normandy and Holland).

Let me reconstruct from memory my first night jump of 54 years ago. [MORE!]

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