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About The Static Line

For almost 40 years The Static Line Magazine has been commited to helping connect and remember Paratroopers, Glidertroopers, Air Assault Troopers from 1940 to the present.

Attemps to revive the Static Line Magazine failed and the magazine went out of business in April of 2012 after producing its last issue in January of the same year.

A small volenteer staff has tried to provide some services to previous Magazine subscribers as well as new Airbourn friends who cared to sign up for this new web presense. This site is meant to help all our new members connect with their comrades online.

Please sign up so that we know you are out there and also provide us with a way to keep you posted of changes as we go through our process of providing a new online presense. You can sign up HERE!

If you have any question please DO contact us! We really would like to hear from you!

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