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We are working to to build a wonderful and powerful new Static Line online presence with a host of features which will facilitate all members ability to communicate.  Our new web system is being designed to support not only the individuals but organizations. Members will have the ability to identify themselves with units of which they served.

Organizations will have the ability to have their own online presense on the site as well.  Organizations will have their own web site that they will be able to manage including having the ability to manage their own membership online.

Members will have their own personal mini-site too of which they can share with friends, family and other service men and woemen online world wide! You will be able to:

  • Maintain your own personal information including personal photos and other information and this information will be stored behind a password protected area.
  • You will be in control of who can view your personal information (the public or members only).
  • You can add multiple photos in "Scrapbooks" where you can share your airbourn history of association information.

As time goes in we will be enhancining The Static Line offering.

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