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Hello Static Line Members,

I am Jay Moran the co-founder of The Static Line Presence Online and your webmaster. I have provided this web space and system because I can. Although my professional life was as a serial CEO of some pretty good sized firms, after my first retirement, I got into other things where I could help. I believe in general that those who can help...should. So I give what I can with best wishes.

I have been involved in community development; helping ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????lo-mod????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? income neighborhoods (reducing crime, improving their neighborhood, creating ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????neighborship????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? as I called it). I found one key to helping those communities improve was to reduce the anonymity in the neighborhoods - people don?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????t do bad things nor let bad things happen to folks they know.

Over the years, I have worked with a number of organizations to help them build their groups and build fellowship. I am writing all of this to encourage you to be active in the website but also on this website. I recommend you:
1. Add your face picture here so folks (especially new members) can connect a name with a face.
2. Write a little about yourself and your interests as well as an ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????icebreaker?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????.
3. Write about your own experiences in your airborne history
4. Add ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????scrapbooks????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? using the site?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????s systems and other information of interest to help define who you are and what airborne is all about.
5. Add links to help others find what you have found of interest on the web about Airborne
6. Add events you feel may be of some interest to airborne comrades and that may encourage prospective.

It will pay off by improving fellowship among all and particularly new members.

The way this site is set up is to provide a member area so your personal and contact information will not be compromised and not used in any way that you do not specifically designate. You can add things to the PUBLIC part of the site at your choosing (Scrapbooks, Links, Events of all types worth noting and Classified Ads etc.

If I can be of any service please feel free to contact me. If you have ideas of how we can improve this web system, I would most happy to hear from you.
Thank you for your service!

Jay Moran
Sailing, Flying, Music (Guitar, bass, keyboards et al), helping small to medium size companies survive or improve with my consulting.    
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