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Montana State Government: Stop foreclosure proceedings against WWII Vet Warren Bodecker

Montana State Government: Stop foreclosure proceedings against WWII Vet Warren Bodecker

Victoria Bingham of Alexandria, VA wrote to us with a concerning story about Warren Bodecker, WWII 11th Airborne division, Company B.

Victoria Wrote: " I am writing on behalf of, in an effort to locate WWII Paratroopers and their kin, that had anything to do with the Los Banos rescue, - as well as the rescued POWs / and their families - from that camp. We are trying to bring attention to the plight of a hero from the the liberation forces. Oathkeepers is spearheading an effort to come to the rescue of Warren Bodecker, a man who helped to rescue over 2,000 POWs at the Los Banos, POW camp, during WWII. Mr. Bodecker, is one of the intrepid paratroopers who dropped into Los Banos, the Japanese held prison camp in the dawn hours of February 23rd, 1945 and pulled off what became one of history's most successful military rescue operations and saved not only over 2,000 people, but also - their progeny!

Sixty Eight years later, our nation is serving up thanks to the 89 year old Mr. Bodecker in the form of foreclosure papers on his home and property in Montana, where the upshot is that this WWII hero is being forced to exhume his wife from the backyard and hit the curb with no more home nor resting place for either of them. Please feel free to disseminate my contact information to anyone who has a family member that was in some way involved in that rescue, be it a parachute or a camp survivor.

See the compete story HERE.  Please make your own judgment and act accordingly.

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