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Mr. Evan Owen Shaw 
11th Airborne Division
Located in: Brigham City UT US
Owen fondly called Brigham City, Utah home, though he lived and worked in Nashville for over 40 years. He served with the 11th Airborne Division, Sapporo, Japan, Division of Military Police Platoon. He considered this a meaningful time in his life and retained some the friendships for more than sixty years.

He was a graduate of Florida State University in 1952, and was an insurance executive with INA in Utah, Idaho, North Carolina and Tennessee.

He is survived by his daughter in Florida and son in Tennessee, and his 4 grandchildren, who have wonderful "Grandpa stories" to tell. He was able to meet his 2 great grandchildren on his last visit to Florida. He was quick with a smile, a story, and wry observations. He was a big presence in many lives and will be greatly missed.

Please note the reverse of the bottom photo has inscribed:

SS Genrial Weigel

from Yokahama to San Fransisco

Oct. 1947

  Submitted by: Juli Simon  - 3/1/2013
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