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Best Food Waste Applications That Helps You Save Money and Planet

While the people on the other side of the world scrounge for food every day to survive, or at least fill their stomachs temporarily. Here we are in a first-world country with our first-world country problems: food waste.  

Thirty to forty per cent of the time the food supply in various first-world countries around the world goes to waste. That forty per cent can already feed an entire village in Kenya or Nairobi. It could save many hungry children in the slums of the Philippines or save a life in India. 

Food waste is a world issue that needs immediate remedy and it has to start within your household. Thanks to technology, everything and anything now can be regulated and organised at the palm of our hands. 

Food waste applications are helpful in ensuring little to no food go to waste. These applications provide tips, services and solutions to food waste problems. Here are some of the most effective food waste application available, for FREE!

Food Waste Applications and Services 2021

Imperfect Foods

Some of us can be meticulous about the fruits and vegetables we purchase in the market. Typically, oddly shaped fruits and vegetables are unwanted while perfectly grown ones sell like hotcakes. Although these fruits and vegetables come in varying sizes and shapes, they still provide the same nutrition it is intended for. Such a problem is being resolved by Imperfect Foods. Instead of throwing away a perfectly good carrot with a unique shape, they bring those to people who would want it.

Misfits Market 

Misfits Market is a great platform with a great mission. This service works with your local farmers who grow organic and sustainably-sourced fruits and vegetables. It will deliver right at your doorstep at a way cheaper price from the grocery stores. Misfits Market is a great source of healthy food while making sure every produces, ugly or not fills in someone’s stomach.

Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go is another food waste application that ensures food wastes from restaurants, supermarkets, and bakeries don’t go to waste. Too Good To Go works by, of course, downloading the app, then placing an order with a specific time you’ll want to pick it up. Then, voila! You get a perfectly delish meal with no food going to the trash. 

Hungry Harvest

Hungry Harvest is another food waste advocate that helps save at least 10 to 15 pounds of food going into the garbage. Hungry Harvest has an array of healthy organically and sustainably produced foods that less expensive in supermarkets. Also, they have selections of other grocery staples which make it more convenient. 

Food Rescue Us

Food Rescue Us is one of the best advocacy in food waste management. It helps reduce food waste on a bigger scale and they love volunteers. This dynamic platform takes advantage of technology to fulfil its goal: minimal to no food waste. Food Rescue Us gather volunteers to use the app to help transfer fresh produce from supermarkets, restaurants, local markets and other sources to social service agencies. These social service agencies will then distribute the food to those who need it the most. 


Olio is an application intended for households who have a lot of leftovers. People can use the application to easily give away food and other household items to those who want it. Apart from helping you declutter your closet, Olio also greatly help in feeding those who are hungry and your food waste will fill many hungry tummies. 

Food is food. Regardless of how it looks or tastes, it must serve its sole purpose: feed. Do not toss perfectly good food just because you are tired of eating it or because it has been sitting in your fridge for days. There are many ways to dispose of food and throwing it straight into the trash is not one of them. You can start by downloading one of the applications mentioned above and help make the world a little better for the unfortunate ones. 

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