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Ways To Take a Skin-Boosting Power Shower

Once in a while, you need to pamper yourself to take away stress. And, all you need is a good comforting power shower to cleanse toxic in and out of your body. A shower is a quick escape indulging you with the comforts of warm water running down your body while engulfing the relaxing scent of your lavender candles. 

Self-pampering doesn’t always have to be expensive. You can achieve a spa experience right in your own bathtub. A power shower is essential in this fast-paced era and it is important to stop, slow down, and practice self-care to keep your body and mind balanced. Thus, if your week has been a drag, why not treat yourself in the shower?

Ways To Take a Skin-Boosting Power Shower

Set a Soothing Mood

The ambience of your comfort room plays a great role in inducing a certain mood. The more clutter and dirt in your bathroom, the lesser the feeling of ease. Keeping your bathroom clean, organised and fragrant can instantly change your comfort room’s aura. Also, add some plants that help purify the air and light a scented candle. It will surely make all the difference. 

The Inner You Reflects The Outer You

There’s nothing more effective in achieving healthy young skin than mindfulness. The best skin care product lies within you. Stress is one source of acne, dry and imbalanced skin. Your mental health directly affects physicality. Taking the time to reflect and rejuvenate can significantly elevate your mood. 

Dry Brush Your Way Away From Negativity

Before jumping into your shower, dry brush your skin as mildly and slowly as possible. It ill help remove dead skin cells while helping you save on your shower cream. Dry brushing also helps regulate your lymphatic flow. It helps stimulate collagen while instilling social media/internet detox. Additionally, dry brushing can also increase the blood flow on the outer layer of your epidermis, which, leads to better absorption. 

A Power Shower Is A Quick Shower

Long baths are good but if you want a power shower, ten minutes is all you need. Prolonging your stay in that irresistible shower is easy, what’s hard is getting off of it. However, staying too long in the water can damage your skin especially in hot water. It can cause dryness and irritation. But, with a 10-minute shower, it is guaranteed that you will feel fresh and invigorated upon stepping off your bathroom. 

Warm, Not Hot!

It is vital to make sure that your water is set to a tolerable, comfortable, and pampering temperature. Too hot can damage your skin big time. If you want to enjoy the water that hugs your body in the best way possible, set it to lukewarm. You will know that the water is too hot if your mirror starts to steam. Hence, cool it down. 

End With An Icy Blast

Coldwater after a calming shower can alleviate depression and stress. A quick reap of a good three-minute 68°F water adaptation has benefits not only to your mood but also your skin. Ice-cold water can give your skin a youthful glow while keeping your pores tight and locking in the moisture. 

A shower may be a routine you do every day that seemed to be just a mere task. Same goes as drinking coffee before starting your day or changing your sheets every two weeks. But, a power shower is different. Somehow makes you compare it to a power nap which is also very effective. Hence, if your week has too busy or stressful, take a time off this weekend and indulge in a 15-minute power shower and you will start looking forward to your Mondays. 

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