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Netflix Australia: TV-Shows To Binge-Watch This 2021

Yes! 2020 was definitely a series of days on your couch eating junk, drinking beer, and binge-watching series on Netflix. The perfect Netflix and chill weekend plan. Not quite the apocalypse we imagined; running around a ghost town scavenging for food and weapons, but instead, we were forced to stay in our homes, order Chinese food online, and wait for the next episode of our favourite Netflix Original Series

2021 is no different. Not in terms of getting lockdown but in entertainment. Australia’s film industry is not like other film industries that produce a large number of movies and films with minimal consideration of quality. The Australian Film Industry, however, reciprocated that culture, instead of producing many, Aussies are producing quality. Netflix picked several Australian films and series to add to their list this new year. Hence, why not extend your 2020 couch-surfing days and binge-watch your 2021 weekends. Here is the list we curated from Netflix for your 2021 home entertainment: 

Australian Series To Binge-Watch This 2021 


Released in 2015, Glitch is about the life of a small-town Aussie cop whose life is overrun by small boring issues happening every day. From kids stealing cigarettes from a gas station to P-platers being a pain on the road. The daily routine suddenly turned into a disastrous yet stimulating series of incidents that began the quests of delving into an in-depth investigation on six dead bodies that ill-fated him one fine evening for waking up from the dead without any memories of how and why. The beginning of the film is not at all boring despite the boring routine a cop has daily. Instead, it builds up the interest in how a small-time cop doing small things safe keep every soul in his small town. 


Tidelands is a Netflix Original production made in 2018. The series is about a former female criminal who returned to her hometown to start over, but instead, a mystery is knocked right at her doorstep. One day, a body was found on the coast that sparked a lot of interest in how, why, and what. This surreal film is rendered in beautifully offset colours of the ocean palettes and coastal living. If you are into series that makes you impatient waiting for the next episode, Tidelands is the perfect supernatural series with a twist of sexy that’ll keep you on your sheets the whole weekend. 


Cleaver Greene, an Australian advocate famed for his talented yet highly destructive character. Cleaver is a clever defender of society’s scums during the day while at night, he spends his late-night hours’ boozing around like a lowlife drunkard on the streets of Sydney. Hence, if you want to engage in unorthodox arguments and slightly muted profanity, Rake will arouse your inner bad side. 

Jack Irish

Jack Irish, a criminal lawyer played by the Emmy Award-winner Guy Pearce, is another series worth binging and investing your time and emotions. Jack Irish is not the typical guy that you can mess with. Messing with Jack Pearce comes with highly justifiable law-breaking incidents just to iron cold cases that tarnish Melbourne’s lifestyle. No-weekend plans will not sound so bad if you only turn that Netflix on and start streaming the life of a one-man mission law-breaking do-gooder. 

Aren’t we lucky? Netflix is now beginning to add binge-worthy series to their selections. Hence, expect more stay-in than night-outs this year to stay safe and virus-free. Stream away your 2021 weekends and dive into the world of Aussie’s bench-warming, heart-sinking, and mind-boggling series.

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