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Australian Arts and Culture: Street Art Around Australia

One way to discover the hidden gems and the genuine culture of an unfamiliar city is to wander around with no direction. Every city has its own character and charm that makes it apart from the rest. From restaurants, nightlife, culture, music, and arts boast the city’s true nature. 

Australia is one of the most cultured countries that flaunts one of the most beautiful architectures and landscapes. There are many clandestine artistic spaces around Australia that are worth exploring. 

One of the most beaming scenes in Australia is the street arts. It’s fascinating to roam around a city full of vibrant graffitis and murals that represent Australia’s one of a kind upbringing. Thus, if you are looking for a glistening vivid background for your next Instagram post, here are some of Australia’s artistic streets from different capital cities:

Street Arts Around Australia

Creative Canberra

Canberra is one of the cities that support its local streets artists and muralists. There are 27 areas around Canberra considered as “free spaces”. Artists are free to showcase their art to one of these spaces.  As the underground culture of street artists grew in number over the past years, Canberra shows their full support by giving them a free outlet to express their minds through art. 

Walking around the streets, laneways, and farm sheds in Canberra will entertain you with splashing eye candies and energetic colourful murals. Trendy neighbourhoods such as NewActon and Braddon also houses some of the best murals from local artists. Thus, if you ever visit Canberra, feed your vision with some dramatic art while shaping a memorable vacation.  

Street art in Tocumwal Lane, Civic, Canberra, ACT © VisitCanberra

Tocumwal Lane, Civic, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory © VisitCanberra

Savvy Sydney

Sydney is one of the most popular cities in the world. The art and culture in Sydney made it one of the sought-after destinations. If you get to delve into the inner suburbs area of Surry Hills, a series of charming cafe’s, fun fashion, thrift stores, and boutiques will quick-fix your cravings for a unique experience. 

If you are looking for a more subterranean sense, gallivant around Newton and Enmore to see modern and abstract murals from local avant-garde artists. While you are there, have a sip of that brewed coffee and a bite of that pastry that blends perfectly in your mouth while harbouring a scenic view full of vibrant gigantic art pieces. 

Street art on Church Street, off King Street, Newtown, Sydney, NSW © Destination NSW

Street art on Church Street, off King Street, Newtown, Sydney, New South Wales © Destination NSW

The Bold Darwin

Darwin is one of the cities in Australia that lives and breathes art. The city is beaming with public artworks that bring life to the true history and culture of the city. Darwin is a down-to-Earth city that values its traditions and aboriginal origins. The etched sketches using symbols and traditional signs depict Darwin’s cultural authenticity. 

If you want to dive into Darwin’s Aboriginal charm, wander around the northern part of the city where the portraits of community leaders are dramatically exhibited. Darwin’s love for art led to a huge event where high-profile artists take part to share their skills and expressions. Darwin Street Art Festival is a yearly event that inspires many aspiring artists in Darwin to dive deeper into their abyss of creativity. 

Mural painted during Darwin Street Art Festival, 2018, Darwin, NT © Shannyn Higgins

Darwin Street Art Festival 2018, Darwin, Northern Territory © Shannyn Higgins

The Iconic Perth

Perth is another charismatic city in Australia beaming with 2D and 3D artworks along its historic laneways. Grand Lane houses a 99-meter free wall where emerging artists get a chance to flaunt their art. Also, outside of Perth where the PUBLIC Silo Trail is located, you will discover a series of artworks painted on transformer boxes, grain silos, and other iconic infrastructures in the area. 

Walking around Fremantle will entertain you with every step. This area is swarming with works of art showcased in some unexpected spots.  If you want to delve into shopping on one of the charming boutiques and markets in Perth, Subiaco features one of the most unique art pieces found around the corners of dainty coffee shops.  

Wall mural on East West Designs in Fremantle, Perth, WA © Tourism Western Australia

Wall mural on East-West Designs in Fremantle, Perth, Western Australia © Tourism Western Australia

Wandering around Australia will take you to uncanny sites that will satisfy your love for culture and arts. The capital cities are major supporters of artists that strive to share their expressions and vision through every stroke of their paintbrushes. The colours, culture, and food are what makes Australia one of the best places to visit and get cultured. 

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