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Looking Ahead | The New Phase of Digital Marketing

If you think that the digital world already reached its peak, then, think again. The internet is in need of constant modification and innovations to leverage the perpetual needs and wants of its users. Change is the only way for this intangible world to stray away from stagnancy that can spark risks to web threats while endorsing a dynamic environment.

It is inevitable for the internet to breed new technology to uphold its ever-changing nature. Apart from that, internet users are becoming more demanding and getting too comfortable with the convenience the digital world delivers. IT experts are coming up with new ideas to indulge the wants and needs of its users. 

The New Phase of Digital Marketing

Expansive Environment

The cruciality of delivering inclusive content and quality products to consumers bred a progressive future for every e-Commerce site. Homogenous contents no longer serve their intended purpose. Consumers demand fresh content from the brands they follow and make a purchase. 

Moreover, brands that advocate genuine identity and diversity are more attractive to the new marginalised internet consumers. Specific topics such as culture, religion, gender and the likes that personally tap the buyers became the new norm in the digital marketing field. 

Snippets and No-Click Navigation

Over the past years, ranking number one on search results was the foremost goal for every website. Now, a slight shift led most digital marketers to deviate their goal to instead, rank on Google’s featured snippet. 

Featured snippet sets in a different algorithm found on the top of search results. It is the article enclosed in a box that displays relevant information that answers the question of the user. Thus, it extends more convenience to the user while answering his/her question without actually having to go to the website. In short, it is a “no-click” search. 

On a different note, a “no-click” search may not seem to be an advantage for that goal of having traffic on your website, nonetheless, it projects to users that your website is recognised as the leader of the pack and that will counterbalance a single visit. 

In contrast to the standard SEO-optimisation strategy, the featured snippet works quite differently. It is backed by long-tail keyword phrases of how, why, what, and the likes questions. It usually looks for a step-by-step process and guides to upright definitions. Matching the key phrases along with your content will increase the chances for Google to feature the content. Bulleted lists or tables are preferred contents that succinctly and briefly answer the user’s questions. 

Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility

Many consumers are meticulous with the products they purchase. It need not only serve its intended purpose but also promote sustainability and environmentally-friendly packaging, product, and logistics. 

With the world being threatened by all the harmful chemicals and carbon dioxide secreted by big bogus companies, consumers are becoming more and more concerned whether or not the product they’re buying contributes to the diminished health of our nature. 

Eco-friendly and sustainable brands are coming in strong in this new phase of digital marketing.  The key to effectively relaying sustainability to your target market is to uphold a branding that goes on par with environmentalism goals. From how the products are made, eco-friendly packaging and sustainable operations will help shape your brand’s green visual identity. 

Local SEO

Local SEO algorithm is frequently modified and updated by Google. Local businesses need to flow along with the latest trends Google create to be on pace with other local businesses. Local SEO is relatively more powerful than broad global SEO. 

Local SEO targets consumers residing where the business is located. Thus, geographically speaking, it is easier to tap the ones near you where you already know their culture, wants and needs. With local SEO, it is easier to convert digital marketing strategies to sales. The simple act of incorporating local keywords will significantly boost your ranking on local search results. 

Digital marketing works in a fast-paced motion to deliver the best user experience. Being able to integrate these new trends will help your business gain visibility, stability, and increase market share. Progress is the only way to keep moving forward and reach your goal. Hence, never resist change, embrace it. 

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