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Revamp Your Kitchen With These Five Easy Mini Renovations

Three times a day you are in your kitchen; making freshly brewed coffee in the morning, cooking your favourite dish during lunch, and perhaps a simple pasta in the evening. The kitchen is an important part of the house and keeping it well-maintained, functional and clean is crucial. 

Renovating a kitchen takes too much work, money, and time. However, if you want to revamp your kitchen without spending too much of your resources, a mini-renovation will give your kitchen a new light. Hence, we prepared some tips on how to do a mini-renovation around your kitchen. 

Easy Kitchen Mini-Renovations

Adding Splashes of Colours and Patterns

One way to spruce up the look of your kitchen is by adding colours. Colours bring instant ambience in a space. Red is an ideal colour for spiking the appetite while orange can significantly boost your mood. Every colour pertains to a certain feeling, vibes, and mood to people. Thus, if you want to totally give your kitchen a fresh look, spice it up with some colours. 

Another way to bring a new facade to the kitchen by stripping that old wallpaper, backsplash and the likes. Upon entering your kitchen, the backsplash always catches attention first. Giving your backsplash a facelift will totally turn the look of your kitchen around. Play with patterns and colours and just make sure that your choices are based on what you already have. Consider the palette of your kitchen cabinets, appliances, and other existing objects in the kitchen. It is one way to create a cohesive look. 

Reckon For More Storage Spaces

If you feel like your kitchen is too chaotic and lacks order, opting for kitchen cabinets or more storage spaces will completely remake your kitchen. An organised kitchen will bring more convenience when you’re cooking. It will help you place things in one palace where you can easily find and access them. 

Utilise your kitchen walls that no longer serve purposes in your daily routine. Add some hanging cabinets or shelves to fully optimise the space; it is one trick to keep your kitchen far from clutter. Hence, if your pans and pots are all over the place while your condiments are always hard to find when you need them, refurbish your kitchen with more storage spaces. Also, kitchen ventilation is vital to maintain clean crisp air circulating in your cooking space.

Details, Details, Details

Kitchen hardware and fixture may not be as noticeable as your kitchen cabinets but they sure create an impact if properly accentuated. Change the knobs, faucet, and handles in your kitchen with copper or perhaps a striking shade of gold. It will give subtle details in your kitchen while adding spatter of an upgrade. 

Creative Lighting Fixtures

Lighting brings a great impact in your kitchen. It is another thing that adds a magnificent aesthetic into your kitchen. The adequate lighting will not only add ambience in the space but it will deliver functions that will make your cooking convenient and efficient. Accent lighting, drop lights, or strip lights are ideal lighting fixtures in the kitchen. You can use strip lights to under your kitchen cabinets while drop lights are appealing and can give extra spice to the whole look of your kitchen. The right lighting will create a difference in your space; hence, add a little beauty in your kitchen with some lighting fixtures. It will serve as a part of your design whilst extending functionality. 

Accessories and Such

By far, this is the easiest and less time-consuming mini-renovation. Adding area rugs in your kitchen will not only extend extra comfort to your precious feet but also give your room a unique character. While you’re at it, decorate your walls with some art, cool posters, or a floating clock. Wall decors will give your wall a new attitude. It will not take up a lot of space in your room, but rather it can be a conversation starter or serve as eye candy while you wait for that ding from your oven saying your cookies are now ready. 

Doing mini-renovations around your kitchen will groom your space into a place that bring in a good mood and good food. Hence, if you are tired of looking at your dull kitchen, give it a little makeover and enjoy it while you do. 

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