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What is the Perfect Customer Journey Map?

Customers have become more conscious of what products they buy and what brand to follow. Given their bottomless options online, it is important for brands to elevate their user experience and formulate strategies that will tap the right audience. Customer journey map is important in planning your long-term goals for your brand. 

Carefully choosing, researching, and knowing everything about your target market, you can identify what kind of marketing strategy to execute. A detailed analysis of how, what, why your customers engage online. 

Essential Features of a Customer Journey Map


Persona-based is intended for marketers who want to tap the innermost wants and needs of their consumers. It is a comprehensive approach in digital marketing that meticulously study consumer behaviour on and offline. Using persona-based information, brands will be able to structure a customer journey map based on why customers desire or need a certain product or service. 


For more effective prospecting, it is ideal to break down ideas into different categories and how to present them to your target audience. Brand awareness, familiarity, and purchase intent are crucial in deeply knowing how to approach the target market. 


It is not enough to communicate to your target market online. Offline communications are also important for those who have physical stores for their brand. Brands need to be consistent with their communication strategy regardless it is online or offline tapping. Thus, create different and several channels for your brand. It could be an application, your website, and social media. 


Customer journey maps must overcome their aesthetic appeal and should project real-world uses. It has to go beyond marketing schemes. It has to deliver results. Hence, marketers typically review their existing process and propose cohesive strategies for a dynamic operation. 


Another crucial factor, brand awareness. With the use of social media platforms and other advertising tools, customers will be able to come across your brand and know about your products and services that will eventually lead them to a website visit. 


Communication is the key to successfully reaching customers. With your detailed customer journey map and meticulously collected persona data of the target market, marketers will be able to come up with the right messages to relay to potential consumers. 


Content is another form of communication that can help catch attention or convince a potential buyer to make a purchase. Content support visitors in their purchase decision. It is a tool marketer used to present their product in the most creative or technical way possible, depending on the kind of product being promoted. Moreover, contents are helpful in gaining organic traffic given if you are using the right keywords. 


Google analytic is useful in identifying which communication strategies do not work and what do. There are techniques marketers used to ensure that they are formulating the right marketing scheme and monitor the progress of their operations. 

What to do with Google Analytics?

Analyse your content and compare it across the website within the same and related industries.

Clearly plot your contents in your customer journey map and take note of the gaps.

Identify user flows. In other words, know where your visitors enter and what page they exit. 

While the competition is getting more and more vicious regardless of the market size. Having a foolproof plan of your customer journey map will help you develop resiliency and dynamic marketing strategies that will keep your brand in the game amongst other top players of your industry.  

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