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Cardio Planks That Fastens Your Heart Rate

We know it’s hard to motivate yourself to do some exercise in your house alone. It’s always fun to do it in the gym where you see other people working hard so it makes you want to work harder. However, going to the gym may not be an ideal option given the current global crisis. 

Health is an investment. As cliche as it may sound, but it’s always best to prevent than cure. Keeping your physical condition as pristine as possible is your weapon against any illnesses. It doesn’t matter how much effort you want to put in but just make an effort. Go at your own pace and be patient. The obvious results do not come to light overnight. 

Your heart is as important as your brain. Without your heart, your blood will be a stagnant entity in your body that can cause some serious health issues; even your life. Cardio planks are a few of the ways to improve your cardio balance. 

Do not wait until you are old and start your exercise. It only takes three weeks to develop a routine, thus, just survive the first three weeks and you need not extensively push your body to get up anymore, it will do it by itself. 

Best Cardio Planks To Fasten Your Heart Rate

Plank Jacks

I know right? How are you going to do jumping jacks while in your plank position? Plank jacks is a combination of planking and jumping jacks. 

How to do plank jacks?

  1. Start by standing on your feet.
  2. Then place your hands on the floor with your feet right in the middle.
  3. After, jump your legs backward.
  4. And, jump back to the first position. 
  5. Repeat as much as you can at your own pace. 

Up and Down Planks

Up and down planking is a holistic exercise that works out your cardio while improving your core. Your powerhouse is an important part of the body that provides you strength in your daily strenuous activities. Moreover, up and down planks also strengthens and tones your arm muscles. 

How to do Up and Down Planks?

  1. Start in a high plank position.
  2. Then make sure that your body is straight. You can do so by aligning your head down to your toes. 
  3. After, lower or bend forearms; one arm at a time. 
  4. Once in lower plank position, shift to high plank position by straightening your forearms; one arm at a time. 
  5. Do it alternately by starting by either your left or right forearm and do the opposite on the next round.  

Army Crawl Plank

Army crawl may sound like only armies in training can do it. But, army crawl planks is different from army crawls, because of course, you are doing it while in a plank position. 

How to do an Army Crawl Plank?

  1. Start in a lower plank position or in your forearm. 
  2. Place a towel, paper, or slider under each foot so you can easily slide them while doing army crawls.
  3. Walk your elbows up and down your yoga mat.
  4. Continue this routine for a minute or as desired. 

Mountain Climber Planks

Mountain climber planks is a classic cardio booster. It works out your core, arms, glutes, and legs. It is a holistic routine that will help tone your whole body while keeping your cardio very active and working efficiently. 

How to do Mountain Climber Planks?

Execute a high plank position.

Make sure your body is straight from your head down to your toes. 

Then, slowly bring each knee near your chest. 

Start at a slow pace and try to accelerate depending on your ability. 

These exercise routines will only take a few minutes of your time.  If you want to stay healthy until you are in your 50s or 60s. Invest in your health now. With a balanced diet and daily workout, you will find yourself still walking up and down the stairs effortlessly. Hence, start your daily workout routine now and incorporate these cardio planks for a healthy heart. 

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