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Why Green Tea’s Bittersweet Palate Worth Every Sip?

Green tea originally came from East Asia. The earliest people to reap its benefits are the Chinese back in the twelfth century. From then on, green tea has been one of China’s traditional medicines. Now, China is the major producer of green tea consumed globally. 

Green tea is one of the renowned teas in the world that has undergone multiple scientific research. These studies showed that green tea provides holistic wellness. It helps in cardiovascular health while extending robust brain benefits. On top of that, it’s one medicine that gives a good night’s rest and sleeps. To indulge further in the benefits of these natural almost magical ground leaves, here are the gains of drinking green tea:

What are the health benefits of green tea?

A Healthy Heart

Green tea’s heart-protective benefit is like no other. The compounds present in green tea is rich in anti-oxidants that helps minimise LDL cholesterol. LDL cholesterol is also known as “bad cholesterol” that triggers heart disease. Drinking green tea help decrease the risk of heart ailments by keeping your LDL cholesterol at a lower rate which improves heart health.

The Brain Liquid 

If you want an active brain, green tea is one drink you can enjoy every day while keeping your mind in alert mode. Green tea contains caffeine and catechins. These compounds are types of polyphenol and anti-oxidants that serve as your weapons against free radicals. With that said, green tea helps in enhancing your memory and attention. 

The Mood-Boosting Leaves

Green tea contains l-theanine that helps alleviate anxiety. Apart from that, it also helps improve one’s cognitive functions keeping your learning and reasoning abilities at their best. The combination of caffeine and l-theanine in green tea is one of the best factors that influence your cognitive alertness without the jittery feeling you get from coffee. 

The Cancer Weapon

All the elements found in the green tea mentioned above are warriors of cancer. Sipping on green tea every day means you are also fighting the possibility of cancer in your body. However, it can’t cure cancer, instead, what green tea does is fight away cancer before it penetrates your body. Since green tea cleanses your body, it is claimed that with these capabilities, green tea can help combat the attack of cancer before they occur. 

Your Sugar Levels To The Minimal

Green tea balances elements in your body and that includes your blood sugar levels. Having high blood sugar levels can lead to diabetes, however, with green tea’s ability to inhibit the digestive enzymes, your sugar levels will be broken down efficiently and slow down the sugar absorption in your blood. 


Milk is not the one that delivers benefits to the bones. The tea polyphenols found in green tea help boost bone formation and prevent bone breakdown. With regular green tea consumption, age-related bone loss can be prevented. Hence, you will age with little bone deterioration. Hence, it will help prevent bone diseases such as osteoporosis or osteoporotic fractures. 

A Bitter Way of Hydrating

As was mentioned, green tea has caffeine which makes it quite hard to decipher why it keeps the person hydrated. Green tea, however, is far different from coffee, while coffee is mostly consumed for its caffeine, green tea has other compounds that brings holistic wellness. Thus, if the water is too hard for you to drink, why not try the bitter way of hydrating while reaping other green tea benefits?

Green tea is an ancient medicine that through time people in this modern era still drink and use as medicine. Green tea may taste bitter, but there are other ways to enhance its palate. You can add milk or sugar to better its taste. But, if you want its full benefits, it is best to drink it as it is, you will acquire the bitter taste along the way. 

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