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Australian Arts and Culture: Historical And Cultural Highlights

How Australia presents itself to the world through its authentic and inspirited artistry keeps its roots surfacing in the world of modern beliefs and principles. Australia’s rich art scene and thriving cultural history continue to inspire and motivate emerging artists.

Australia holds year-round festivals, events, and exhibits to accord local artists with outlets to showcase their work of art. Wandering the streets of Australia will astonish you with street arts, entertaining local markets, indulging live music, and moving cultural values. 

Various venues were built intended for Australia’s unmatched entertainment. The Sydney Opera House is one of the most iconic venues in the world, not only because of its magnificent voguish facade, but the events held on the premises marks many historical performances. Thus, discover, explore, and satiate Australia’s art scene and culture; here are some of the best events to go to: 

Social and Cultural Events Around Australia

Sydney’s Artistic Cultivation

It is a must when in Sydney to view at least one performance at the Opera House. With a little more than forty performances a week, it is unlikely for you to miss them all. From opera, theatre, ballet, and classical music performances, Sydney Opera House is the best place to indulge in Australia’s art and cultural scene. 

If you are into architecture, the Sydney Opera House offers a two-hour backstage tour to flaunt its remarkable architectural structure and details. If you opt for a different theatre scene, Belvoir St. Theatre cultivated many world-renowned artists such as Cate Blanchett and Judy Davis. 

Moreover, if you want to delve into the world of local and prominent artists in Australia, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA), Art Gallery of New South Wales, and Australian Museum holds memorable art exhibits and installations. 

Melbourne’s Art Scene

Melbourne is another state in Australia that are swarming with contemporary artists and filmmakers. You can never leave Melbourne without viewing on of the 70,000 artworks displayed at the National Gallery of Victoria; the oldest gallery in town. 

The Australian Centre for Moving Image found nearby the oldest gallery is the one place you can visit if you want to delve into Australia’s television, films, and digital cultivation. Another place worth indulging is the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art which is known for its voguish and innovative exhibitions and multimedia displays. 

On the other hand, the Arts Centre is the place where you can go and enjoy Australian ballet and opera performances. Additionally, if it’s street murals that you are looking for, Dockland has a lot to offer. A famous artist named Fitzroy splattered mural arts all over the area for the public to enjoy. Lastly, if you want to dive into Victoria’s Aboriginal heritage, the Melbourne Museum will indulge with its value for their true Aboriginal culture. 

The Sprawling Perth

The Perth Cultural Centre, the cultural heart of the state. The Art Gallery of Western Australia on the other hand, houses extremely Aboriginal inspired visual arts, while, the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts holds artistic performances depicting Perth Aboriginal heritage. 

His Majesty’s Theatre, nonetheless, Australia’s only surviving Edwardian theatre holds performances from the renowned West Australian Ballet and West Australian Opera. If you want to quick-fix your melodic side and hear Australia’s most promising soul singers, Perth Concert Hall is the go-to place. 

If it’s a culture you are opting for, Aboriginal artists in Australia display their unstained culture at the Aboriginal Art Gallery around King’s Park. Another one of a kind venue in Perth worth visiting is the Fremantle Prison; a convict-built prison that holds tour for the hungry and curious.

Australia is one of the world’s art and culture supporter and cultivator. Their love for unique entertainment gave many artists the outlet to express and showcase their artistry. Thus, if you ever come to Australia, wherever it may be, explore and indulge in their art and cultural scene, and really experience their unmatched culture and heritages. 

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