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Improve Your SEO Using Structured Data

Structured data has been in the digital field since 2011. It is backed by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Yandex. It is commonly known as Structured data is a concept even now most companies haven’t unlocked yet.

Structured data is a standard scheme supported by search engines to organically improve SEO. It was created to provide guidelines to webmasters for better chances for web crawlers to pick up your content, content organisation, and content display. 

Structured data is effective if you want your online content to gain a top spot on search engines. Through data organisation, proper content display, and content structure and measure, search engines will have a clearer view of what the content is all about. Hence, it is easier for your pages to rank with correct data structure strategies. 

Why Structured Data is Important?

With several guidelines to follow to implement an effective data structure, time can become an expensive resource. However, given the advantages of complying to the correct data structure, your business or website will gradually earn credibility and visibility. 

You Will Gain Rich Results

As was mentioned, search engines use structured data to comprehensively decipher the content of the page. Additionally, it uses special search results features to impose Rich Snippets. Thus, to flow with the ever-changing architecture of search results, it is best to opt for ensuring your content to stand-out against your competitors in the same and relative industry. 

If your content is properly structured with relevant images, search engines will pick it up when someone searches for your keywords. It will then show up on top of the search results with your image and brief write-ups included. Hence, given that your content projects relevance and detailed contents, there will be higher chances for users to click on your link. A good example of a website which gained a lot after implementing structured data is Kokos Wedding Dress Cleaning Service . It moved from the bottom of the second page in Google to top5 after this change.

Also, incorporating some rating stars (if applicable) in your content and snippet will gain a more convincing image to internet users. It draws attention and exhibits reliability and credibility. 


The structured data format is important for most search engines and Google is one big supporter of such. 

JSON-LD is a JavaScripts notation integrated in the page head or body tag. It is easier to implement and use and by far a very effective tool to use. 

Microdata, on the other hand, is embedded in HTML of the website. It is far more complicated than JSON-LD.


FAQ Structured Data

FAQ is one of the most commonly searched by consumers. Having a robust FAQ structure will help your FAQ page gain more visibility and credibility. Regardless of what the page is all about, it could be a blog of FAQs or a page intended for FAQs, it is best to follow the ideal data structure for FAQ. It will help enable your listing to stand-out and easily accessible. If your FAQ data structure projects relevant questions on Search Results upon searching for your keyword, it is far more enticing and convenient for users. 

Article Structured Data

Article structure data can be embedded to your news or blog page to elevate the appearance of your article on SERPs. Through structured data, your article will be placed on top of the rich snippet results with images larger than thumbnail size. 

Kinds of Article Structured Data

  • Article
  • NewsArticle
  • BlogPosting

Product Structured Data

Product structured data is by far the most important in digital marketing. This strategy is of great advantage if you want to present your product on search results that show off your top-notch rating and brief product description. While you can modify how your product appears on search results, you can also gain more visibility and enticing images for users. 

Structured data is not yet very popular but it sure does have its qualities that businesses yet to unlock. Following the standard data structure search engines support, your digital marketing game will be up a notch and gain organic traffic in the time being. Hence, invest some time properly structuring your data and stay on top of the search results page. 

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