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How to Buy a Domain Name?

With the rapid growth of the online business, almost all industries are now banking on gaining visibility through digital marketing. One of the first steps in this endeavour is buying a domain name. Upon choosing, it is important that the platform you are buying the domain name from is straightforward and simple so even if you’re not equipped with web development knowledge, you can modify your site on your own. Additionally, it has to be used for multiple domains and you can easily execute domain transfers. Lastly, you have to buy it from a company with excellent customer service. These factors are crucial and your domain name must be cohesive to your business, marketing campaign, and blog content. 

Domain Name Quality

  • There’s no need to throw in keywords or SEO to your domain name. It doesn’t do much for SEO purposes. 
  • As much as possible, your domain name must not have hyphens.
  • Also, it is more advantageous if you stick with “.com”. Adding .uk/au for locations purposes is good. 
  • It is ideal for your domain name to be short for easier access and easier to remember. 

*Note: It is better to have concept domains than specific words. Concepts are more well-rounded which can be easier to include other concepts than word-specific domain names. 

How to Come Up with Domain Names?

Make a list. Do not opt for the first thing that comes to your mind. Your domain name must be intrinsic and broad so you will have room for creativity in your online contents. Also, it is helpful to browse websites for ideas you can add to your potential domain name list. 

Here are some of the websites to browse:

BrandBucket– this website put together creative domain names that are brandable. Their customer service is commendable and you will be surprised by their domain name lists!– This platform offers a wide array of domain names with transparent pricing options. Also, buying a domain from this website is seamless.– this website already gained reliability and credibility in the field, so it’s one website you can trust. On top of that, they have the most selection of domain names for customers. 

Assessing Domain Name Viability

If you already have a long list of domain name options, it is time to narrow down that list. How? Assess the viability of your domain name for a better chance in SEO and other digital marketing aspects. 

  • Check your domain names if there are websites that are already established. If the website’s stability was built on the domain name, it must be off your list.
  • If the domain name does not come up at all, keep it. It means that the domain name hasn’t been registered yet.  
  • If the domain name brings you to a landing page, it means some else own it. However, there might be some issue because it was put available. So, keep it. 
  • If you see that the domain name is actually for sale. Then, that’s the best scenario. 

How To Choose Your Domain Name?

  • Ask yourself, how do feel about it the name? Does it resonate with you? Is it something you can live with?
  • Say it out loud. How does it sound to you?
  • When you write it down, does it look good for you? 
  • Ask yourself, is it brandable? Is it the kind of domain name you can get creative with and create a brand around it?
  • Is the domain name unique but easy to remember? Does it project meaning? For example ” IT Dynamics“?
  • Does your domain name pass Google test? How so? Google your domain name and see if there are companies that have the same name. If so, make sure it is not closely related to your industry. 
  • After, is it trademarked?

Your domain name is a crucial factor in your digital marketing success. It exudes a first impression to your target market and it is one factor that can attract visitors. Although choosing a domain name can be quite overwhelming, it is a step you need to give time to. So, be patient, take your time, and make sure you’re exploring all your options before deciding on one. 

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