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2021 Podcast Trends

Podcasts are not new to the industry but only in recent years that they picked up popularity. While most people are now equipped to multi-task, a podcast is one medium they use to do multiple things at once. Podcasts are very easy to consume and it’s accessible on almost any platform. 

The wide array of topics podcasts cover from business perspectives to personal growth, turned people from watching videos that will make use of both their eyes and ears to just merely listening and doing something else. 

Ever since podcasts became one of the entertainment media people follow, a sudden shift in trends, topics, and content also needs to be altered to cater to its meticulous dynamic and unique audience.  

2021 Up and Coming Podcast Trends

Podcast Platform Competition

With so many podcast platforms being created and podcasts listeners increasing, the competition will become even more cutthroat. Spotify is the leader in the industry while other brands are thriving to create contents that can match or outweigh the competition. Thus, it is inevitable for podcast producers to push further their efforts in creating and formulating new contents and better the quality of their audio to attract the audience on a bigger scale just like Spotify. 

Top Hosting Platforms This 2021

Top Audio Streaming Services

Social Media Podcast Platforms

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

Data-Driven User Experience

Data-driven podcast marketing schemes is gold in the industry. Producers leverage their data and perspective to delve deeper into the needs and wants of their audience. Most podcasts this 2021 will be focused on the specific topics of a specific target audience. Thus, engagement is crucial in creating data-driven podcast contents. 

How To Engage Your Audience?

  • Be brief and talk about interesting concepts.
  • Limit your episodes to only one topic to avoid clutter and confusion. 
  • Be concise and organise your outlines for a clearer and more effective listening experience. 
  • Make your podcast easily and readily available.

Podcast events and Live Streaming

Another tactic that promotes engagement is live events and streaming. Live shows will bring in more audiences and will trigger audiences to connect and engage. Also, it gives you a chance to invite influencers or people adequate for your topic. Additionally, your audience will have a face to go with that voice. It will spark curiosity and also your listeners will be able to see your gestures and reactions which will be more stimulating for them. Live events and streaming will promote interaction while helping your brand gain more followers. 

Ads Will Be Incorporated And Accepted 

With the growing number of podcast listeners, it is likely for advertisers to take advantage of it. With the right and good content paired with a very good host, the audience will not mind the ads that are being aired once in a while. Why? Because ads are a source of support for podcast producers to continue making more content and improve their performance. In short, it still needs money to continue to operate and advertising is one major source. Avid listeners will not mind the ads as long as new episodes keep coming in. hence, it is acceptable to monetise podcasts

There are other trends that will come out this 2021 like programmatic ads, voice search and others. The thing is, the podcast is indeed a very convenient medium for both entertainment and learning. Hence, expect more trends in the years to come. 

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