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Australian Entertainment: The Film and TV Industry are Working Towards Sustainability

As the nature of entertainment is working towards the world of digitalisation, the arts and motion picture is also pacing its culture. Sustainability is one thing that the entertainment industry is moulding for better, practical, and effective deliverance. It was then, the birth of the Sustainable Production Forum SPF) garnered attention.

SPF extends an underway in the digital course implementing a series of virtual panels to cater to the essential demands in the entertainment industry.  It brings together several panellists and participants around the world working towards one common goal: sustainable motion creation. It creates a substantial impact on content production and shouldering the responsibility of exposing stories that influence the audience positively. sustainability in the entertainment industry follows protocols to achieve such a goal. 

Ways on Promoting Sustainability in the Entertainment Industry

A Green Mindset

The alarming amount of pollution and waste on-set is causing setbacks on a global scale. Behind the scenes, every production produces an average of 12 to 13 metric tons of carbon dioxide. It is as much as the amount Americans emit in a year. The carbon footprint of the entertainment industry inspired SPF to promote going green on-set. It may seem to be an expense and an effort to achieve but it’s not at all. A little effort will go a long way while keeping the planet safe and entertainment at its peak. 

Going green will not project a need for a lot of money, rather, it needs not to be too expensive at all. All it requires is an effort to research and switch to products that are not harming the environment but will deliver the same quality. By simply implementing rules such as bringing your own water bottle, coffee mugs, and cutlery will significantly decrease waste. 

The Right Exit to Climate Change

Climate change is a crucial issue in Australia. It alters the face of every industry every time some fortuitous change in climate occurs. Panels from around the globe, from small-scale independent filmmakers to corporate entertainment companies are working together towards projecting to people the effects of climate change to the world if not given attention and right solutions. Climate-themed films showing how the world could be in twenty years with continuous mindless garbage use and disposal. 

SPF is creating an effort to relay to the audiences the importance of climate change by making more climate-themed films. Although some may want to project positive stories, without actually taking action will lead to otherwise. Thus, it is crucial to open the eyes of the audiences the possible outcomes of climate change and lead them to the right exit. With the power of the entertainment industry in shaping and instilling new beliefs and principles to their audiences will aid in promoting sustainability and a better environment for the future. 

Sustainable Filmmaking

Like-minded individuals who want to change the world one water bottle at a time support SPF to brew strategies towards a sustainable film and TV industry. The value of educating every soul on the planet about sustainable filmmaking will raise awareness and create a ripple that will lead to other industries. Learning more about sustainable living will inspire each one in innovative ways in minimising energy consumptions and plastic usage. Thus, improving and altering the filmmaking operation will greatly affect the health of the planet. 

As visual beings, seeking entertainment is carved in our systems. Watching films and TV shows from our favourite and trusted platform give us the freedom to believe whatever it is that we think is right. The entertainment industry is taking advantage of this human behaviour to influence and promote their goals. Having the power of convincing people to join their crusade through an artistic film is priceless. Therefore, it is likely for the world to gain its health back through the creative and conscious minds of the entertainment industry. 

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