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Laundry Room Organisation Tips

Is your laundry room sleek, clean, and smells like freshly pressed lavender-scented shirts? Or figuratively a veritable dump of your piles and piles of dirty clothes? If it is the latter, then you might need to revamp your laundry room a bit. 

If doing laundry is not your favourite chore, keeping it clean, well-organised, and aesthetically appealing will make doing laundry a little less of a drag. Hence, it is time for you to declutter and take out that fabric softener that smells like heaven and give your laundry a new light

Laundry Room Organisation Tips and Tools 

Shelves Are Essential

Shelves utilise the spaces on your wall. It can turn a mere blank area in your laundry room functional. Also, having shelves around your laundry room will add up to your storage space while keeping your laundry supplies organised and easily accessible. 

Hanging Bars and Hooks

Apart from shelves, hanging bars and hooks is another way to organise and add storage spaces around our laundry room.  It is also useful if you have clothing that you hang than folding. Additionally, you can also use hangers and hooks to dry your garments. 

Trash Bin For Your Laundry Junks

In every space around your house, it has to be inevitable to have a garbage bin. You will be able to discard all your laundry gunks easily and avoid garbage floating here and there around your laundry room. 

Foldable Storage

Foldable storages are ideal if when you are doing laundry in bulk. Having neat and clean storage will give you enough room to do laundry in bulks. Moreover, with foldable storage, you can easily store them away when not in use. 

Small Storage Bins 

Sometimes we forget that we have coins, hair tie, or a buck in that small trinket in our jeans, thus, before dumping all your clothes in the machine, check those tiny pockets for some random surprises. These small storage bins will make sure you don’t misplace important items you found in you pockets before doing the laundry. 

Overhead Cabinets

Overhead cabinets are another way to make use of your walls and add even bigger storage. You can neatly place your tissues, laundry detergents, and laundry needs. Also, it can also serve as storage for your towels and other hygiene essentials. 

Add Some Plants

Greenery will give a more natural ambience around your laundry room. Also, it helps keep the air pure while looking beautiful. Plants may not be a part of your laundry needs, but it sure will make doing laundry fun. 

Wheeling Laundry Carts

Laundry carts are convenient when moving your laundry from one place to another. It makes doing laundry easier and faster. It will deliver efficiency while keeping your laundry organised and your laundry room far from clutter. 

Textured Floors

Laundry rooms are expected to get wet. Having textured floors will be safer than opting for smooth-surfaced tiles. If you want to be able to walk safely and freely instead of tip-toeing on your wet laundry room floors, then textured tiles will be ideal. 

Doing the laundry is yes, not a very fun chore. However, if you create a conducive space for laundry, it will become more of a fun me time than a drag. Thus, give your laundry room a little tweak here and there and add more storage spaces. Laundry will never seem like a task anymore. 

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