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How To Regrow Green Onions?

Green onions are a great ingredient to add to your dish. It has a taste that elevates the palate and they are easy to grow. If you love green onions, spring onions, or scallions, the ideal thing for your to do is to regrow them rather than turn them into food scraps. 

Scallions are typically bought from the roots to their leaves. While you only eat the upper part of the plant, the bulb is your ticket to free green onions forever. Regrowing the bulbs is easy, effortless, and beneficial. Here are the reasons why:

Why regrow green onions?

Regrowing green onions means enjoying delicious dishes for free. Hence, you get to save money. 

You can also save time buying them. If you have fresh green onion in your kitchen ready to be mixed with your special dinner plans, you can simply cut a piece and voila instant yum!

You also promote sustainability and contribute less waste. 


How to Regrow Green Onions

Here’s how to upcycle green onion scraps:


  • Separate the end of the bulb and make sure you keep the roots. 
  • Prepare a small jar with water and place your bulbs root-end down. 
  • You need to add enough water to soak the bulbs and the roots but leave the upper part dry or above water.
  • To keep the roots moist, place the jar by the windowsill.
  • Wait for a few days for the green shoots to emerge. Once they sprout, your green onions will thrive faster. 
  • Always keep the roots submerged in the water
  • Change the water at least once a week to ensure they get nutrients. 
  • If you notice that the shoots grew about four to five inches, you can now start planting them on the ground or pot. 
  • Repotting is essential to make sure the roots will continue to grow new bulbs. However, it weakens the plant at first upon transferring but scallions are quick to adapt to a new environment. 
  • Regardless of how much you cut from the plant, green onions will just continue to grow more bulbs. If you choose not to cut all the way down to the bulb, your green onion will grow bigger and probably bear flowers of which you can make into a delicious salad. 

Green onions can thrive in almost any kind of climate and environment. They can grow during the cold winter months and withstand pests and other insects. During summer days, spring onions also show a great sign of growth. Given the right care, green onions will give your dishes so many flavours. 

Green onions are perfect for almost any dish. They go well with salads, meat dishes, baked goods or for your vegetable garden. So, if you want to enjoy a great dish without having to look for fresh spring onions every time you need them, regrow them instead of throwing them out. That way, you promote sustainability which is good for the planet and you will be enjoying raw ingredients which are best for your health. 



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