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2021 Most Anticipated Films

While 2020 entertainment mostly took place on our couch, 2021 is more promising. With all the Cannes-worthy movies up and coming this year, movie geeks are on the edge of their seats waiting for Wes Anderson’s new film to launch or feel the beat of Steven Spielberg’s rendition to the classic musical West Side Story. 

If you’re curious about Billie Holiday’s case, the film the United States V Billie Holiday will also launch this year. Thus, without further ado, here are the films we specially curated for your no-weekend plans. 

Most Awaited Films 2021

French Exit

Because we miss Michelle Pfeifer so much, we included this ultra-witty dark comedy about a socialite in New York City who moved to Paris. After losing all the comforts, glamour, and extravagance New York has to offer, this eccentric self-indulgent widow took on an unfamiliar path to Paris to indulge in the more valuable intangible things. The movie exhibit a poignant but moving and comical tone. If you are looking for a film that is witty, funny in a strange deviant way but exudes fashion, glamour and some crazies, watch French Exit. it has already been released in the US last February 12th and in the UK and Ireland last February 26th. 

The United States vs Billie Holiday 

For jazz and Billie Holiday fans, uncover the granules of this iconic jazz singer’s life and the whirlwind of his fight for freedom. In 1947, back when mind-boggling and soul-stirring music accompanied by drugs were deviant and seen as pure evil, Billie Holiday was arrested for narcotics possession. This film is another piece that discloses the obscene, dramatic yet inspiring lifestyles of famous musicians. On top of that, you will be entertained by the film’s soundtracks. 

The Quite Place II

If Emily Blunt astonished you with her performance in The Quiet Place, the second part of this film will surely spark curiosity. We were left in awe not knowing the fate of Emily and her kids during the first film, and the answers lie in the second. Hence, hold on tight and get ready for the suspense of The Quiet Place II, it coming into theatres on April 22. 


If you’re looking for a film to amuse you and your kids, Luca will be released this 18th of June. Plotted in the charming city of Italy, Luca spends a wonderful bright summer at the seaside with his new best friend. It’s a fun feel-good film with a twist. What out for his new best friends real identity, or should we say, kind. 

West Side Story

Steven Spielberg’s own adaptation of West Side Story was supposed to launch last year. But, given the last year’s turn around which now, hardly matters, West Side Story will be launched this year. This classic Broadway musical by Leonard Bernstein and Steven Sonheim is a love story of star-crossed lovers caught in the middle of New York City’s gang wars, hustles, bustles, and perfectly hued khakis. West Side Story will indulge you in the daily shenanigans of New Yorkers during the 50s. 

The French Dispatch

If you love symmetrical shots, voguish colour schemes, and Bill Murray, The French Dispatch is another one to watch out for this year. Wes Anderson’s distinct stylish take on every film he directed is now set in the beautiful city of Paris. The gist is, Wes did not just opt for the natural appeal of France, instead, he created a fictional city in France that is as bold as the Grand Budapest Hotel. 

These are only a few to watch out for this year. Dune, King Richard, and other worth-watching twice films are coming in your way this year. Thus, pop those popcorns, chill those drinks, and cosy. 2020 might be over, but home entertainment isn’t. 

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