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How to Switch to Plastic-Free Shopping

A leap towards plastic-free shopping and mindful garbage disposal are some of the first ways you can do to not contribute to any more garbage on our planet. The trash humans leave on Earth took its toll on the chance of the new generation to breathe fresh clean air. With rampant pollution urbanised cities emit every day, the carbon footprint business-giants leave, and the daily improper disposal of garbage on the ocean greatly tarnished the chance the future of humanity to live in a world where trees are luscious, flowers are blooming, the ocean is full of life, and the air, clean. The list goes on and on and on. 

The balance of our ecosystem is slowly being disrupted by the bogus capitalist system of greedy business giants. Hence, as one of the few people left here on Earth who feels sorry, worry, and bad about the planet, the least we could do is to completely erase plastic in our daily activities. 

On a brighter note, you are not alone, with the sudden increase of conscious buyers, many start-ups, small businesses, or even some of the huge enterprises comply with their social and environmental corporate responsibility. Thus, sustainable packaging and biodegradable plastics demand skyrocketed over the past year. 

How To Switch To Plastic-Free Shopping?

  • Use eco-bags or bring your own bag when shopping. 
  • Replace your cling film with beeswax wraps.
  • Switch to bamboo instead of plastic cotton wool buds. 
  • Replace your toothbrush with biodegradable plastic or bamboo.
  • Switch to starch-based disposable utensils. 
  • Have your own water tumbler to avoid disposable water bottles. 
  • Change your kitchen scourers to wooden alternatives. 
  • Switch to organic beauty products. 
  • Look for a shampoo and conditioner brand that uses recycled materials for their containers. 
  • Shop on local stores that encourages customers to bring their own shopping bag. 

While many plastic-free shops are slowly dominating the local market, the cost however could sometimes take you back. On a brighter note, living plastic-free lifestyle ripples a lot of positive effects on the planet more than you know. A singular person like you can alter the face of the world by switching to a healthy, mindful, and plastic-free lifestyle. 

You can use social media to influence your friends and family. You can convince people close to you to join your personal advocacy, or, you can start your own brand and promote the beauty and advantages of plastic-free sustainable living. Either way, it is rewarding and fulfilling knowing you don’t contribute to the gloomy forecast of our future and the future of the generations to come. 

Moreover, since we have been so comfortable and used to the convenience of online shopping, there are several plastic-free shopping websites you can explore and buy your products from. From beauty products, gourmet food, clothing, and home essentials, these websites have all the solution to your plastic predicament. 

List of Plastic-Free Websites:

  • Plastic Freedom: has a sustainable and environmental-friendly clothing line.
  • No Plastic Shop: got some chic bathroom must-haves.
  • The Plastic Free Shop: promotes eco-friendly gardening and travel essentials. 
  • Natural Weigh: got your organic cravings covered. 
  • Kick Plastic: advocates in promoting plastic-free kitchen essentials.
  • Boobalou: offer safe and planet-friendly baby items. 
  • Zero Waste Club: will eradicate your daily plastic use. 
  • Good Club: extended an effort to supply plastic-free food and drink packages. 
  • Eco-Sal: one of the best option for your home needs, beauty products, pet items, and baby essentials.

Why not make a plastic-free lifestyle a trend and support the plastic-free planet cause. No matter where you live, big or small, keep in mind that, small people, living in small towns, doing small things, can alter the face of the world. 

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