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The Contemporary World | Database Is Not Just Another Technology

The database is one invention that altered the face of the digital world. It is an important part of everyday life. Without it, the convenience we enjoy in this modern world will be non-existent. The database is not only useful to organisations. It is used by anyone who just wants to simply store music, films, photos, and other software. 

The database also serves as an easy tool in organising digital data. With databases, large or small companies have now the ability to safely keep information on a large scale while being able to access it anytime, anywhere. 

What is a Database?

The database is a platform wherein you can have the means of storing and organising data in s structured way. It contains tables that sort out pieces of vital information. A simple database, however, is widely used by individuals to store personal data such as music, photos, and the like. On the other hand, complex databases are intended for businesses that require huge memory spaces to store all crucial and sensitive information. 

The information stored in a complex database pertains to all the back-end codes and other crucial factors that built the platform of the organisation. With this technology, giant companies can easily store, access, and secure their assets. 

Uses of Databases

Online Streaming Services

Online streaming services gained a lot of attention over the past year. Netflix, Disney+, and Hulu are a few that skyrocketed during the pandemic. These online streaming platforms use complex databases to cater to the demanding needs of their users. For these online streaming platforms to work seamlessly, databases are used to ensure it. 

Moreover, databases help these streaming platforms deliver great viewing experiences while smartly suggesting preferences in accordance with the viewing choices of the users. Without databases, online streaming platforms will be as seamless as they are now.

Online Gaming

Gaming is a popular online activity on a global scale. Online gaming needs to be powerful and agile for gamers to enjoy. online gaming applications use highly durable database software to meet the wants and needs of gamers. 

The Financial Sector

The financial sector uses one of the most powerful database software in the world. With huge amounts of financial data being tracked and with the highly sensitive information it carries, databases that have a high level of accuracy is a prerequisite. Databases help the financial sector in tracking and predicting the financial performance of the company while giving relevant solutions. 

Social Media Applications

Social media have millions of users all over the world. With the presence of databases, social media platforms are able to store user’s data and give relevant suggestions according to the user’s online activities and preferences. Databases draw in convenience to both users and social media owners. 

Healthcare Providers

The Healthcare sector is another category that makes use of databases every day. They use highly-secured database software to safe-keep important information and access it whenever. The healthcare sector takes advantage of databases to ensure that every data they have on their patients are easily accessible when needed and safe to avoid disclosing personal information about the patient. 

The database is now a part of our daily lives. A simple download or your favourite playlist on Spotify uses a database. Therefore we conclude that the database is not just another technology. It is the driver of the digital world and the library of each and every gadget, application, and website users in the digital world.

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